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Small teams, do BIG things when they're organized 🚀

Project management software for small teams like yours.

Let's get your team organized.


Manage your entire team and projects.

Say goodbye to task backlogsGet more done

Easily add tasks

Break down your project into small chunks of work and never have to remember what things you need to get done. Create Tasklists and organize all your tasks.

Assign, Comment, Share

Never miss a task.

Four different views of your tasks


Kanban style view


Excel like grid


Traditional lists and tasks


See everyone’s workload

Chat Features

Fully built-in, no more Slack.

Convert Comment

Convert any chat comment into a task at the click of a button.

Files Exchange

Quickly exchange documents, presentations, and more.

Chat Apps

Take your chats with you everywhere you go.

Create Word style docs right here in the app

The future of team collaboration

Teamhub is made for your entire organization. Collaborate across departments and teams.

Privacy first

Create private projects or docs inside public Hubs. The structure of every Hub can be as unique as your organization.

Advanced Dashboard

Get a high level view of everything in your team, department and organization

Guest Accounts

Invite your clients and contractors and collaborate on projects together.

Custom Views

See your tasks and work the way you prefer. Create views custom to your team.


Use pre-made project templates to save time and get you started.

Time-off Coming soon

Powerful time-off management capabilities. Employee directories, attachments, leave management and onboarding.

Ready to use templates

Get your project off to a flying start 🚀🚀

Social Media Content Plan Template

Structured framework for planning and executing your social media campaigns.

Blog Planner Project Template

Structured framework for organizing and managing blog content effectively.

Customer Feedback Template

Collecting, analyzing, and acting upon customer feedback efficiently.

IT Request Project Template

File and track bugs in a single place so you can triage and prioritize issues

Web App Development Teamplate

Stay on track with the project’s kanban to build a successful web application.

Sales Pipeline Project Template

Visual framework for tracking and managing leads throughout the sales process.

What makes us great

The magic that sets us apart from everyone else

A single price

One price for access to all our apps. Save a ton in SaaS costs.

Time-off built right in

Assign tasks and be alerted right away if team members are away.

Powerful Workflow engine

Map out your business processes. Take the thinking out of flows.

Private Hubs

Your personal space, visible only to those you invite in.

Custom Hierarchy

Organize each hub or folders to your own preference.

Smart automations

Set up triggers for dozens of different actions and reduce manual effort.

See it in action


Easy Integration.

Teamhub works great with your favorite platforms. Contact us if you can’t see your platform here. 

Google Drive




Small teams do big things when they’re organized.

Small teams are agile. Small teams are fast. Small teams have bigger visions. Teamhub is proud to champion small teams doing big things.

We help you get organized. Create tasks, set due dates, organise projects and win!


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