Project Management Tailored for Your Business Needs

Manage your projects, team, and clients in one place, with all the features you need to deliver work on time and within budget.

Invite users and set up your teams

Have all your work in one place

Set up projects, control access, and invite users. A single hub where you can manage everything from projects, company documents, resources, holiday time-off and more.


Unique Structure

Teamhub allows you to create workspaces, organize via sub-folders, and create private projects.

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Client form

Intake Forms

Gather requests, feedback, and key details from clients and your team. Personalize the form with the information you need. Form submissions turn into tasks right within your projects.

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Clients and Collaborators

Invite your clients as guest users and give them the full power of Teamhub for better collaboration and greater visibility, at no extra cost. Manage their permissions and set privacy levels exactly how you need and work.

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Choice of data views

Each team has their own preference on how they’d like to work through a project. We give you the flexibility to decide. Use one of the provided views or create custom filters on your data.

Organize tasks into stages to help your team visualize their progress throughout the process. Easily drag and drop between stages.

See tasks grouped and organized in traditional lists. Allow users to easily see due dates and assignees.

See your project and tasks arranged in a side scrolling timeline and easily see the critical points in your project.

See key tasks plotted on calendar, arranged by start, end and due dates. Drag and drop tasks to easily re-assign due dates.

Stay on time and under budget

Understand how (and where) your time is being spent. Log time directly, mark time as billable, and paint a clear picture of where your team is spending their hours.


Track extra expenses against your total project budget. Add fixed costs, one-off fees, and ancillaries, so you see everything in one place.

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Break it down

Tasks and Subtasks

Create, edit, and assign the individual pieces of work you need to deliver. Further break down your work into smaller pieces for even more granular detail.


Get your team and clients on the same page (literally)

Manage the entire client review and approval process from start to finish—from creation to revision to final sign-off.

Packed with a ton of features...


Add file attachments to tasks, comments or projects.

Project colors and icons

Customize each project to help you differentiate it.

Custom Statuses

Create statuses according to your own workflows.

Task comments

Keep the conversation to where it's most relavent.

Public & private projects

Invite the whole team or invite just a select few. You have full control.


Give each task or document a custom tag and easily filter by tag later.

Task Dependencies

Create critical path understanding by linking up task dependencies.

Multiple Assignees

Assign tasks to one or many people. We provide the flexibility for you to decide.

Real-Time Notifications

Get instant updates on changes made by others in your team.

Rich Text Descriptions

Give each task detailed descriptions with markdown support.

Task Follow

Follow any task to receive notifications for when things change

Powerful Filtering

Filter tasks by a dozen different options, from assignees to tasks with due dates and so much more.


Our mission is to empower teams with a user-friendly project management tool, helping them work smarter and achieve their goals with ease.

“Our development team loves using Teamhub’s project management tool to manage our projects and track our progress in real-time. It has definitely improved our efficiency.”
Munir Usman

Munir Usman


Need to know more?

Q. Can I add an extra layer of security to my Teamhub account?

You can enable two-factor authentication for your profile. Each time you sign into Teamhub, you'll enter your password for your account and a verification code from the Google Authenticator app.

Q. Can I utilize any of the modules, such as Projects, HR, Docs, and others?

Yes, you can use any of the modules depending on the specific features you are referring to. These modules are designed to provide specific functionalities and features within the software, allowing users to manage different aspects of their work or organization.

Depending on your needs and the capabilities of the software, you can utilize these modules to enhance your workflow, streamline processes, and improve overall efficiency.

Q. Can I import my projects from an existing software system we are using?

The ability to import projects from an existing software system will depend on the compatibility and integration options provided by the software you are transitioning to.

Many software systems offer import functionalities that allow you to migrate your existing projects and data into the new system.

However, the availability and feasibility of this feature may vary depending on factors such as the file formats supported, data structures, and the specific software you are using. It is recommended to consult the documentation or support resources of the software system you are considering to determine the import capabilities and processes involved in migrating your projects.