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Elevate Collaboration

Team Chat

Make it easy for your team to keep the conversation on topic.


There’s no need to use separate chat apps like WhatsApp, Slack or Teams. We’ve got you covered. Teamhub has chat built right in.

Your Entire Team

Bring together teams, departments, and projects in one platform for real-time collaboration and communication.

Convert Comment

Convert any chat comment into a task at the click of a button. Super helpful to keep on top of every todo item.

Effortless File Exchange

Quickly exchange documents, presentations, and more within the chat interface, eliminating the need for separate file-sharing platforms and expediting decision-making processes.

Direct Messaging

Easy one-on-one conversations with your team through direct messages. It’s no different than your chat app on your mobile 😎.

Speaking Of Mobile

Take your chats with you everywhere you go and don’t miss any conversation. Our mobile app (available on both iOS and Android) is super easy to use.

Private Chat Rooms

Sometimes you need to keep conversations confidential. So, Like with projects, chats can also be set to private and visible only to team members you invite in.

Even More Features

Get your project off to a flying start 🚀🚀


Emoji Reactions

Allow users to personalize their profiles with relevant details


Search Functionality

Search through chat history to find specific messages or files.


Status Indicators

Show if team members are online, offline, or busy.


Message Encryption

Ensure that all chat messages are encrypted for security.


Voice Messages

Send and receive voice messages directly to your chat.


Message Pinning

Pin important messages for easy reference.


Interactive Polls

Create and share polls within the chat.


Broadcast Messages

Send broadcast messages to multiple users or groups at once.

See it in action


Easy Integration.

Teamhub works great with your favorite platforms. Contact us if you can’t see your platform here. 

Google Drive




Small teams do big things when they’re organized.

Small teams are agile. Small teams are fast. Small teams have bigger visions. Teamhub is proud to champion small teams doing big things.

We help you get organized. Create tasks, set due dates, organise projects and win!


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