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Manage teams with ease

People Management

Streamline collaboration and communication among project participants


Seamless coordination and cooperation throughout project lifecycle


Set up different teams and departments. Grant access to teams rather than to individuals

Teamhub empowers project managers to maintain a comprehensive database of project stakeholders, team members, clients, and external collaborators.

Each profile is detailed with contact information, roles, responsibilities, and other pertinent details, facilitating streamlined communication and collaboration across the project.


Assign specific tasks or responsibilities to individual team members

Easily delegate tasks to team members, streamlining workload distribution and clarifying accountability.

By assigning tasks within Teamhub, managers can efficiently track progress, monitor workload distribution, and promote seamless communication and collaboration among team members.


Control user permissions and access levels to project data

Give project managers the ability to finely tune user permissions and access levels, safeguarding sensitive project data and ensuring individuals have access only to necessary information.

By assigning appropriate access rights, managers can tailor permissions to fit each team member’s role, enhancing security and organizational efficiency.


Share project information or updates with external stakeholders or the public

Project managers can selectively distribute project updates to external stakeholders, enhancing transparency, engagement, and overall communication effectiveness.

This streamlined sharing mechanism ensures relevant parties stay informed about project progress, milestones, and updates, fostering stronger stakeholder relationships and project visibility.


Ensure the confidentiality and security of project-related data

Ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and security of project-related data through measures like encryption, secure authentication, and role-based access controls.

By prioritizing data privacy, project managers mitigate the risk of unauthorized access or breaches, fostering trust among team members, stakeholders, and clients regarding the handling of project data.

Even More Features

Get your project off to a flying start 🚀🚀


Profile Customization

Allow users to personalize their profiles with relevant details


Performance Reviews

Conduct regular evaluations to assess team members’ performance.


Time Zone Management

Automatically adjust time zones for distributed teams


Workload Balancing

Ensure equitable distribution of tasks among team members


Team Building Activities

Organize events to foster team cohesion and morale.


Employee Handbook Access

 Make company policies and procedures easily accessible


Benefits Management

Administer employee benefits and perks efficiently

Employee Goal Setting

Set clear and achievable goals to align employee efforts with organizational objectives.

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Easy Integration.

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Google Drive




Small teams do big things when they’re organized.

Small teams are agile. Small teams are fast. Small teams have bigger visions. Teamhub is proud to champion small teams doing big things.

We help you get organized. Create tasks, set due dates, organise projects and win!


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